Virtual Reality: A Sneak Peek

As the internet of things advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in creative ways – Geoff Mulgan

Am I the only one surrounded by the echoes of ‘Virtual Reality’? Well, I don’t think so! And if you haven’t heard about Virtual Reality, know that you certainly need to upgrade your (how do I put it?) um… Means of information!

What many referred as ‘modern-fiction’ has now taken everyone by surprise. No, it is not ‘out of the blue’ (read; accidentally) that everything has happened. Once you get a glimpse of the struggle that virtual reality had to go through, it would be rather unfair to consider it fictional or accidental.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

Games such as 7 Days to Die, A for the Awesome, Among the Sleep and Assetto Corsa laid the foundation for gamers to embrace virtual reality. Games supported by ‘Virtual Reality’ not only pose serious threats to traditional digital games; it altogether paints a picture of future gaming.

Okay, let’s not get into the gaming slangs. No offence to the gaming buffs, but if it was your dream to experience ‘Star Wars’ for real; or if you wished to fly around like ‘Superman’; or maybe you wanted to be a character in ‘Game of Thrones’, know that they are not bygone-dreams-of-childhood  anymore. You can very well do so with virtual reality simulations!


The Future Beckons

Well, let’s say your primary concern is not entertainment. Let’s say it’s not gaming either! After all, the world is in dire need of financial help and with the present fiasco around us, the last thing we want to see is–millions of dollars being spent on the whims and wishes of someone crazy enough to fuse reality with the virtual world.

If that is what you are thinking, trust us, you are reasonable enough! But perhaps, we should dive deep into the upcoming virtual reality techs and give them a fair chance before drawing a conclusion.

You may be a person with practical interests; saving money and investing in projects that look rather more real than virtual. The VR environment may be virtual by nature, but it can provide solutions to many real world challenges, which would otherwise require a lump sum amount of money and time.

For example, flying simulations on the Oculus Rift can create a virtual environment that can be used to train pilots. Why spend billions of dollars on fuel or risk 40-million-dollar jets? Likewise, many untapped sectors could use the help of virtual reality and to an extent, which would not have been possible in the real world.

But the question is—Are we ready for Virtual Reality?