Today, almost 5 Billion videos are being watched on YouTube every day. According to Forbes, 80% of all internet traffic is going to be from videos by 2019. So we at IJ Vids (Idealist Jack) make sure that you know how much to pay for a video and what kind of videos might suit you best!

INR 40,000

Our pricing begins at INR 40,000. In this price range, we shoot basic videos or carry out just editing work! This price range is best suited for interview style testimonials where we shoot the video in 1 day & deliver the final video in 7 working days.

INR 40,000 - 80,000

This price range allows us to use cameras that shoot in 4K. We also use gimbals like the Moza Air Cross & accessories which gives your video the extra punch that's needed.  This is best suited for music videos and funky corporate videos.

INR 80,000 - 1,50,000

In this price range, we at IJ Vids customize the video from scratch! We sit with you right from the scripting phase, perfecting each and every shot along with the screenplay. We use the best cameras, top end lenses, lights, sliders, dollies, jibs, Ronins, Osmos & Gimbals for movement shots. We also have a dedicated sound effects team for these videos.