Oculus Rift: A Jump to the Future

This is a truly special moment. The work we’ve done has captured the world’s attention and changed the perception of the medium forever – Brendean Iribe

Oculus Rift! Does the term sound familiar or common? If no, you definitely need to upgrade your ‘keep-me-updated’ forums and websites. Consider this post to be a small introduction to the cutting-edge technology. Defining the Oculus Rift in a nutshell would be unfair, but Brendan Iribe, the founder and CEO of Oculus, visualizes virtual reality to be as transformative as the telephone or the internet.

This technology definitely took a beating in the past for being something ahead of time; but it also heralds a change in the timeless boundaries of human imaginations.

The Questions

So what’s the big thing about Oculus Rift? How is it different from all the never-ending-tech-upgrades that we hear on a regular basis?

Well the questions are valid in their own rights. Perhaps what one should realize is–we live in a world, where virtual reality is not a far-fetched idea anymore. The existing technologies affirm the notion to a completely new level and Oculus Rift is a prodigious example to start with.


Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but it has managed to draw attention from millions across the globe. Oculus is rooted in gaming, but with the trending fascination for virtual reality, it does not need rocket science to tell that Oculus Rift will be supporting countless apps very soon.  Oculus came into limelight when ‘Facebook’ bought it for $2 billion (£1.25bn). As EA taps into the Oculus Rift, virtual reality seems closer for gaming than ever.

The Oculus Rift is (to say)… A virtual reality head-mounted display (VR HMD). You can go through the innumerable demo videos, and blogs on the internet to see it for yourself; if you haven’t purchased it yet! The amazement and elation of using this product for the first time go beyond words.

The Oculus Rift seemed futuristic a couple of years ago, but with modern technology; the future seems to be knocking at our door!