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It's the age of videos and at 'Idealist Jack' we cater to the new-age-crowd weary of hard-sells. Let's face it...corporate videos are corny! They are too detailed to be an ad and too self-congratulatory to be taken seriously by anyone. Who wants to watch highly repetitive sundry faces of founders talking about their company? That's where we come in! Give us 2 mins and we'll make sure that your story grabs all the eyeballs.


This is where is come up with unique ideas to showcase you and your product. We brainstorm, whiteboard and do everything here.


This is where the scipt is translated into the camera. We carefully execute the script, along with the right cameras and gears required for the task.


The editing is what differetiates your videos from the rest. We take immense pride in our editing team. We make sure that every video has a unique edit.